Monday, September 13, 2010

Crofter Wrist Warmers

I havent been able to work on this that much but this is how far I've gotten. I'm on some new medication that makes me dizzy, drowsy and weak so we will see I will try my best to work on it as often as I can. In about a month I should be feeling more like myself again hopefully. ;)

Day 1

I went to the Crafty Lady Trio, learned how to check my gauge and am using size 6 circular knitting needles for this project. Sandy helped me by casting on for me I watched intently trying to remember her method. She then had me do one row before I left. When I got home I attempted another few rows but had to rip it all out for a mistake I made that I still don't know exactly what I did lol. Now I had to cast on by myself and am very proud to say that I did it the way she did without any problems ;) I completed 5 rows, woo hoo! Will update more progress tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to Crafty Lady Trio to get help from one of the teachers there to begin my newest project. Here is a pic of the pattern ;)

I will be knitting them which is new to me in the form of making something besides a afghan lol. Wish me luck and I will take pics and post as I go. ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recent Bags I've made

I made this Market Bag and loved the pattern I am making another one in the same color (this one was for a swap ;) It is a pattern from a friend of mine in a crochet group. Here is the link to her blog

Here is the picture:

I also made a grocery bag holder to match(right)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recent Crochet Projects

This is a Tunisian throw I made for my cousin

This is an afghan I made for my sister for Christmas

This is a Layette I made for my cousins baby